get up to speed on any aspects of getting a Micro Licence


Acquiring a Micro Class Licence requires a significant commitment financially and after analyzing how cannabis consulting currently operates, we thought it would be advantageous by implementing an option where anyone interested in this venture can purchase hourly consults to bring them up to speed on any aspects of getting a Micro Licence. You can also use the hourly option to go through the entire process.

Key Advantages of Our System

Initial Consultation Call

Please note: We highly reccommed booking several one hour consultations before proceeding with an ‘All in consulting package’.

Consultation Call


Purchase consulting with one of your experts by the hour.

All in Consulting Packages

Please note: that an hourly consultation is required before proceeding with an option below.


Micro Cultivation
Licence Consulting



Micro Cultivation + Micro Processing Licence Consulting


* Please note that 5 – 1 hour consultation calls are required for eligibility for options 2 and 3.